Friday, August 7, 2009

Archangel Gabriel: Patron Saint of Communication

Telephone Booth by Banksy

Siegfried Zielinski: Lecture 5

Giovanni Fontana "War Instruments" 1420.

"The Devil As Automaton" by Anthony Grafton--Essay in the History and Philosophy of Artificial Life. edited by Jessica Riskin. "Genesis Redux" (University of Chicago Press 2007.)

Herwig Weiser "Liquids".

Religion and Technology= Performance

Norman Klein "From Vatican to Vegas"

--->specific technologies of communication in relation to theology. Dissecting the parallels.

The ritual form of looping which reproduces psychological intensity through/of repetition. This is an essential gesture in religious practices.
Hence, the Rosary and Mala beads.

University of Glasgow, Theological Department: Technicity & Religion. Conference Oct.14-16, 2009.

Hollywood as a system was founded by the Catholic establishment. The system of approaching the psyche of a people was an invention of the Jesuits.

List of Catholic Directors:
John Ford
Luis Bunuel
Fritz Lang
Francois Truffaut
Buster Keaton
Jean Renoir
Eric Rohmer
Jean Luc Godard (Calvinist)
Chaplin (Agnostic)

Purgatory is where the imaginary orgy or martyrdom takes place. Utmost limit towards purification. Catholic church is excellent in stage production, mise en scene.

Botticelli's 95 Illustrations of Dante's Allegory.

Jesuits founded by Ignatius of Loyola, "Exercitia Spiritvalia"

To purge one self from Mass media. [Note the term "Mass" in Catholocism]


Dr. Zielinksi is touching heavy potentialities for the concrete relationships between structures in Catholicism, mass media, & Hollywood. [.. believers of the church and of Hollywood.]

[Refer back to 2004 series of poems "On the Utility of Catholic Saints" as part of B.A. thesis at Naropa.]

[Punctuation as a technical/programmable literary means for looping and re-combination of text as practiced in collaborative digital piece with Daniel C. Howe, "Roulette", Spring 2008. This strategy for punctuation began with previous series of poems entitled "Roses of the Non-City" also part of B.A. thesis.] [The "breaks" and "irritations" of each punctuation sign is an extremely Catholic effects of purification, hesitation, guilt, fear, sin as used in "Roses of the Non-City".]

Punctuation sign-->punctum<--catholic host

["Roulette" possesses Catholic tactics in the looping, line-breaking, and punctuation, as well as there being a sense of procrastination of death. Consider the Catholic tactics/effects in the technical practices within digital writing.]

Catholicism, digital technology/practices (as a ritual).

Up to 18th century, Catholic church was allowing to use technology to praise God.

[Technology is a fall from grace.]

[The shape of musical instruments are representative of the shape of the sound combined with culture and time in which it is produced.]

Mario Schneider "Singing Stones"--> Sounds stemming from Asia and Africa contain the darkest sounds that are beyond concept.

Robert Fludd. Developed cosmogony of sound "Ultrique Cosmi Mairoris scilicet et Minoris, Metaphysica..."

"A Media Theory of Angels"-- a book someone needs to write.

"Cantichordum" Jean Mombaer's Rosetum. Early 16th. century.
Each vowel: a=happy, e=hope, i=? , o=fear, u=hate. This in relation to Rimbaud's poem "Voyelles" (1872)

Anasthasius Kircher's "Poetical Machine" (1650). Re-combinatory columns in a box-machine based on sequencing of infinite outcome of texts.

"Believing/Faith Machine": electric offertory box in Naples. 2005

Technological apparatuses that assist us in increasing our faith.

"The electrification of the churches."-Zielinski

"The machines believe in us and we should fulfill this faith."-Zielinski

Battery-powered plastic Buddha machine from China, 2005.

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